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A Winning Philosophy

LIFE WINS is a simple yet profound theme that defines our efforts, reflects our goals, highlights our aspirations and characterises our business. It is an all-encompassing idea that is as inspiring as it is humbling; as satisfying as it is motivating; and as inclusive as it is conclusive.

Assimilating the distinctive and emotive thought of LIFE WINS as a guiding principle provides us with purpose and makes us responsible. It draws a roadmap that ensures that we constantly focus on doing the right thing in the right way.

LIFE WINS isn’t merely a catch-phrase or a buzzword. It is a strong belief and deep conviction that percolates down to each and every one of us worldwide. LIFE WINS as a credo inspires us to perform, excel, and surpass ourselves.

For us, winning is all about saving lives. It’s about improving and enhancing the quality of life. It’s about transforming life. Be it winning approvals for new product launches; winning patents for Intellectual Property; winning awards for excellence; winning against life-threatening diseases; winning recognition for social initiatives; winning praise for our green initiatives; or winning the support and loyalty of all our stakeholders; we at Wockhardt are driven by a deep conviction that when we win, LIFE WINS.