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Emerging Markets

Wockhardt is operating in Russia for almost three decades, having it’s Representative office as well as local entity “Wockhardt Bio R” for import and distribution of products. The flagship brand SPASGAN is present in the OTC and injectable in hospital segments of the market as one of the leading brands, which is #2 in it’s INN segment with line extension of four dosage forms (with in-licensed Ketoprofen gel, SPASGEL) and around 10 SKUs. SPASGAN range is distributed all over Russia through leading TOP 5 distributors of Russia having their branches / warehouses all over Russia in 85 regions of Russia ensuring availability of SPASGAN all over Russia. SPASGAN is also promoted and distributed across other republics in CIS.

In Biotechnology range, Wockhardt’s HR Insulin, WOZULIM is one of the localized products of the foreign manufacturers to meet the government regulations for qualifying in government tender business. Glargine, GLARITUS shall also be localized upon approval. WOZULIM is one of the major selling brand in top 5 products supplied in government tenders. This makes Wockhardt as a major local player in Insulin and analogs even being a foreign transnational Biotechnology company.

Wockhardt has tied-up with local antibiotic player for registration, sales and distribution of one of the NCEs, EMROK under brand name EMROKIN which is under Regulatory and clinical trial process. There are other major players in antibiotic segment who are interested to tie-up for other NCE products. This makes Wockhardt to have presence in three major segments, OTC, Biosimilar and antibiotic range of products.